Three Willows

Published by: Christian Faith Publishing
Release Date: November 11, 2019
Pages: 368
ISBN13: 978-1644586211
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At sixteen Alexandra Chenard gave birth to a baby she desperately wanted to keep but was never allowed even to see. Nine years later she has strong reasons for finding the adopted child, but her search has led from one roadblock to another, and it appears that her father, a powerful U. S. Senator, is the reason.

One person can help, Alex’s beloved grandmother Rose. But Rose has suddenly died. When Alex travels from her home in France to America to attend the funeral, her life is turned upside down. Finding she must care for her now ill grandfather, Alex is also asked to manage Three Willows, the family estate. No problem…until she realizes she must work alongside Shay Colton, the father of her child and the only man Alex has ever loved, but who is now engaged to another and will barely give Alex the time of day. Making everything more difficult is the continual interference of Alex’s parents. Fortunately, childhood pal Justin Hathaway shows up, offering Alex friendship…and possibly more.

Still clinging to the dream of finding her little girl, Alex begins to regain control of her life. But then, a staggering secret comes to light and Alex learns she’s been terribly betrayed by nearly everyone she loves. In a single moment, a simple truth has torn her world apart. Or has it? Could a heartbreaking secret also contain a hidden blessing? And if so, will it be enough to bring Alex to a place of forgiveness?

Readers of Three Willows will be entertained and touched by a story that crosses generations and weaves family, friendship, romance and betrayal into an uplifting message of love.